It’s a different world here.

Being in Alderney is like going back in time to a world where people care, the community is strong, the streets are safe and the landscape is fresh, clean and unpolluted. Our three-person police force are busy working within the community, but rarely dealing with an actual crime. Definitely a world away from cities in the UK. We hope you’ll really enjoy your stay in Alderney, we think it’s a wonderful place to be.


The Landscape

Alderney’s landscape is rugged and beautiful. The island is just 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles at its widest point. Although Alderney is small there are over 50 miles of lanes and country paths which make it an ideal place for walking. 

Local Wildlife

Perhaps Alderney’s greatest feature is the sheer diversity of wildlife packed into such a small space. There is never a season without something to offer nature lovers. As a dedicated Ramsar Site the island is nationally known for its birds. 

Island History

Alderney was first inhabited 2000 years before the arrival of the Romans. The oldest surviving reference to the island is in the Charter of 1042, when William the Conquerer become King in 1066 and Alderney was attached to the English Crown for the first time.

The Weather

The climate is similar to Northern France and Southern England, although it can feel more windy - being an island with little shelter. America is the closest landmass to the west, and with a westerly prevailing wind, the air in Alderney is always fresh and clean. 

Our Town

There is just one town in Alderney, St Anne, and its high street – Victoria Street – is a cobbled road with a selection of local shops. Other than HSBC and Lloyds there is not a non-local shop in sight. You will not find a Macdonalds, a Topshop or even a Boots. 


Getting Here and Getting Around

As a small island we sadly don’t have the air links of London, but we can give a comprehensive overview of how to get here - and how to get around once you arrive . Whether using planes, boats or bicycles you'll find it done a little differently here.