The Alderney Weather


The climate is similar to Northern France and Southern England, although it can feel slightly more windy due to being an island with little shelter. America is the closest landmass to the west, and with a westerly prevailing wind, the air in Alderney is always fresh and clean.

Maximum summer temperatures are 25 degrees centigrade, with a maximum of nine hours of sunshine per day. But, like most of the UK, maximum temperatures and full days of sunshine are sadly not an every day occurrence. The graph below – with average temperatures by the month – gives a more accurate impression. However, when the weather does play ball and the sun comes out in full glorious force the island looks spectacular and whilst the beaches will be busier than usual they are still unbelievably empty compared to other French and English seaside destinations.

The winter weather can be wet, wild and dramatic – equally spectacular in its own right – just not so good for sunbathing! The strong tides in the area make for stormy seas and watching the waves crashing over the breakwater and fortifications is an amazing chance to watch the power of the ocean in full force. Many locals actually love winter on the island more than summer as it is quieter and they enjoy the cosiness of being wrapped up in the warmth by the fire in one of the local pubs – with a drink – and looking out at the raw elements.

Luckily, sunny weather or not, there is plenty to do on the island. Although things do slow down out of the high season there are still classes, activities and events throughout the year. Alderney is best suited to walkers and nature lovers, and due to the diverse natural habitat there is plenty of interest to see when walking whatever the month, and whatever the weather.